Seattle Project

Partners & Associates 


There are many people associated with a project, beyond the designer. I'd like to thank my following associates for their great work on this project.



Rex Hohlbein

Rex Hohlbein Architects
142 NW Canal Street
Seattle, WA. 98107



General Contractor:

Stuart Feldt

W.S. Feldt General Contactor, Inc.

(206) 321-2316 



Landscape Architect:

Martha Shapiro

Shapiro Ryan Design
7315 W. Greenlake Drive N.

Seattle, WA. 98103



Mural Artist:

Andy Eccleshall

The Mural Works, Inc

22310 95th Place W.

Edmonds, WA. 98020

(206) 579-3211



Planters & Garden Construction:

Wendy Welch Garden Design

(206) 852-3124



Rug Importer 

Stacy Logan 

616 S. Lucile Street 

Seattle, WA. 98108